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8 a Side Fixtures/Results October 2011

** W - Westway, LC - Linford Christie                                                                 Pitch No 6 is half of 11 a side pitch at Westway                                                   Pitch No 4 is "cage" pitch at Westway                                                   Pitch No 2 is half of 11 a side pitch at Linford Christie                                         F : Team cannot field a team for a fixture and forfeit the game                          P-P: Postponed game                                                                                      (DH): Doubleheader - 2 x 30 minutes games                                                       ** T - S - Team temporarily (conditionally) suspended                                     W: Win was awarded

** P DateTimeHome TeamAway Team    
W6Mon 03-10-1121:00FC Kensington v Really GreatP-P
W4Mon 03-10-11 21:00Rapid RavenscourtvSerious Tekkers 3-4
LC2Wed 05-10-1119:00Westside vThe Wizards Sleeve1-3
W6Mon 10-10-1121:00Serious TekkersvWestside0-3
W4Mon 10-10-1121:00Really GreatvRapid Ravenscourt3-2
LC2Wed 12-10-1119:00The Wizards SleevevFC Kensington3-1
W6Mon 17-10-11 21:00Westside  vReally Great 5-6
W4Mon 17-10-1121:00The Wizards SleevevSerious Tekkers2-2
LC2Wed 19-10-1119:00Rapid RavenscourtvFC Kensington2-4
W6Mon 24-10-1121:00 Rapid Ravenscourt vWestside0-2
W4Mon 24-10-1121:00Really GreatvThe Wizards Sleeve5-6
LC2Wed 26-10-1119:00FC Kensington vSerious Tekkers1-0
W6Mon 31-10-1121:00Serious Tekkers vReally Great5-0
W4Mon 31-10-1121.00The Wizards Sleeve vRapid Ravenscourt 0-3
LC2Wed 02-11-1119:00WestsidevFC Kensington2-3
W6Mon 07-11-1119:00Serious TekkersvRapid Ravenscourt1-1
W4Mon 07-11-1121:00The Wizards Sleeve  vWestside 3-6
LC2Wed 09-11-1119:00Really Great vFC KensingtonP-P
6Mon 14-11-1121:00Rapid Ravenscourt vReally Great3-1
W4Mon 14-11-1121:00WestsidevSerious Tekkers2-3
LC2Wed 16-11-1119:00 FC KensingtonvThe Wizards Sleeve2-0
W4Mon 21-11-1121:00Serious TekkersvThe Wizards Sleeve4-5
W6Mon 21-11-1121:00Really Great vWestside P-P
LC2Wed 23-11-1119:00 FC Kensington vRapid Ravenscourt3-0
W6Mon 28-11-1121:00Really Great  vWestside0-4
LC2Wed 30-11-1119:00Serious Tekkers vFC Kensington 1-2
W6Mon 05-12-1121:00Westside vRapid Ravenscourt 3-1
W4Mon 05-12-1121:00The Wizards Sleeve vReally Great 6-0
LC2Wed 07-12-1119:00FC Kensington (DH)vReally Great     (DH)P-
LC Wed 07-12-11 19:00 Really Great     (DH)vFC Kensington (DH)P-P
W4Mon 12-12-1121:00Really GreatvSerious Tekkers W-0
LC2Wed 14-12-1119:00 FC Kensington vWestside 3-2
W6Mon 19-12-1121:00 Rapid RavenscourtvThe Wizards Sleeve W-0
W4Wed 21-12-11 19:00FC Kensington (DH)v Really Great    (DH)W-0
W4Wed 21-12-11 19:00Really Great     (DH)vFC Kensington (DH)0-W


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